November 16, 2017

Our Latest Addition – The RECycler!

Our Newest Addition

Wrights of Twycross are excited to introduce the latest addition to our fleet. She is an eco-friendly, high-efficiency recycling “JetVac” direct from Hvidtved Larsen‘s UK division.

What is it?

This environmentally-friendly vehicle is capable of carrying over 2,500 gallons (12,000 litres) onboard. There’s a very clever pneumatically operated baffle inside the main tanker vessel, which allows us to recycle water which would otherwise be lost.

Unique features like this enable Wrights of Twycross to efficiently unblock drains and sewers in one visit – for larger blockages there’s no need to find a water source to top-up!

Technical Specification

  • 390 litres per minute at 140 bar
  • 150m 5/4″ jetting hose
  • 50m 3/4″ jetting hose
  • 60m 1/2″ jetting hose
  • High Capacity Oil-Cooled Vacuum Pump
  • Casette System for 5″ Suction hose

Increasing Capabilities

Wrights of Twycross are already vastly capable in the drain and sewer maintenance world, and this behemoth only adds to that capacity. We work in conjunction with the UK’s leading water utility companies and come well recommended for both domestic and commercial projects.

This vehicle joins our fleet of other high-capacity jetters, DISAB vacuum vehicles, CityFlex units and “Van Packs” to help us deliver high levels of service every time.

New Certification: OHSAS18001

Wrights of Twycross are proud to announce that following a comprehensive series of audits by Citation and QMS International we’ve been awarded the OHSAS18001 certification.

Rescue Mission

Wrights of Twycross has taken on 10 new skilled operational members of staff following the collapse of a local firm. The fast actions of the