Vacuum Tankers

Mixed Capacity Vacuum Tankers 01827 880472 ~ We have various vacuum tanker vehicles with capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 gallons. Selected vehicles are also equipped with rubber-pumps for more viscous materials. Wrights of Twycross work in partnership with the UK’s leading water utility companies while retaining the ability to provide reactive services when needed.[…]

Drain Unblocking Services

Did You know? Roughly 366,000 sewer blockages occur annually in the UK. Real Drain Unblocking Power Here in the UK, over 3,000 homes each year are flooded due to blockages in the drain and sewer systems. They’re usually caused by fats, oils, grease and food waste which have been washed down sink plugholes and outside[…]

Our Latest Addition – The RECycler!

Our Newest Addition Wrights of Twycross are excited to introduce the latest addition to our fleet. She is an eco-friendly, high-efficiency recycling “JetVac” direct from Hvidtved Larsen‘s UK division. Say hello to  12,000 litres  of drain unblocking prowess What is it? This environmentally-friendly vehicle is capable of carrying over 2,500 gallons (12,000 litres) onboard. There’s a[…]

HIAB Operators Wanted

Experienced HIAB Operator Required The Role Due to ongoing company growth, Wrights of Twycross are seeking an experienced HIAB Operator to lay temporary trackway and transport plant equipment. The position will be based out of our depot in Wellingborough (see map below) but operations will take place throughout the midlands and East Anglia. The Candidate The[…]

Wrights Blue Trucks

The Story Behind the Blue Trucks from Wrights of Twycross Our signature blue trucks have been serving our clients on the roads of Britain for over 60 years. Since 1955 the “sky blue” cab and body has been iconic on the motorways and fields of the UK. Wrights of Twycross is the specialist transportation division[…]

Mobile Workforce

Investing in Technology and People Wrights of Twycross have long invested heavily in our people, but more recently we’re also investing tens of thousands of pounds in new hardware and software to enable better communication and workflow with our mobile workforce. Every member of staff is issued the computer equipment and training they need to[…]

New Website Under Development

New-Look Website We’ve just launched a new-look website, and we hope you like it! We’re busy working hard to produce new content. We’re also now up and running on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and will be publishing content through these channels also. In the meantime, take a look around our site and see if[…]