Enterprise-Grade Data Capture and Reporting Systems

Written by Wrights of Twycross

26th August 2019

Mobile Device Management

We’re improving our operational processes and efficiencies by investing heavily in bespoke cloud software and more robust IT infrastructure.

Our stock of mobile device hardware, comprising smartphone and tablets, provide each employee in the field with the ability to retrieve and commit data about their work LIVE 24/7. Using software developed and supplied by IBM for mobile device management, we’re able to remotely access, assess and resolve technical issues with minimal downtime.

The same software stengthens our position and capabilities as a data processor under the GDPR.

Field Data Capture and Reporting

To help encourage a safe and efficient workforce, we’ve commisioned the development of an all-encompassing operational management system which has functions for all aspects of the business from basic attendance to tailored automatic customer reporting.

This system also has elements built in for vehicle defect checks, employee wellbeing monitoring, risk assesments and the live data capture and hazard awareness.

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