Solar Farms

Solar Farms

The parent company of Wrights of Twycross, P. A. Wright and Sons, has taken a big step forwards in becoming an even more environmentally friendly organisation.

We’ve dedicated around 100 acres of land to install two high capacity solar farms, providing enough energy to power almost 6,000 homes every single year. Our total power output is 18.5 Megawatts

Energy Conscious Development

Wrights already work in industry sectors which are heavily involved in recycling waste byproducts.

We’re partnered with the UK’s three largest water utility companies to provide management, logistical and maintenance services.

The installation of Solar Farms further shows our commitment to environmentally friendly business practices and our intentions to lower the impact our operations have on the environment.


We have funded a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation system that has delivered savings of approximately 8,000 tonnes of CO2 each year by displacing electricity that would have been created through fossil fuel generation.

Between our two Solar Farms there’s almost 100 acres of land dedicated to harvesting the suns power.

This energy is then fed back into the national grid and used to power the homes of family’s here in the UK.

Our two Solar Farms have been developed near to our head office at Gopsall house Farm, in Twycross

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